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not much new. feel a little better since that last post lol. i'm excited because i get a week off work in 3 days! don't have much planned, a small dells trip. maybe some cleaning, & organizing. maybe my sis & i can check out some new apartments as well. :D
2day we helped my dad get ready for our yearly garage sale. i'm still looking around my room for some junk 2 sell, but i have a hard time getting rid of anything. i'm not a pack rat, i just love my stuff. :)
also found some hot new bill hader pics today thanks 2 hader-aid. love them.

gonna have 2 remember 2 check him out on best week ever friday. and snl saturday. :D

well, that's it for now. :D :D


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Aug. 5th, 2009 05:22 am (UTC)
haha awesome
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