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so yeah. i got weighed today at the docs & i NEED 2 GO ON A DIET. for reals. im sick of being a fat ass. i want 2 be able 2 go swimming & not feel self concious n stuff. i can be a little chubby, but right now it's just gross. blech. so yea. no more fast food & crap for awhile. it's not good for my stomach anyways, which has been acting up a lot lately. i will try 2 wean myself off soda again 2 eventually. that crap makes me wanna barf, but its so super delicious!! lol.

well, heres a super cute pic of bill. <3

oh yea, my eyebrow ring is getting infected again for the millionth time. i really don't wanna take it out, but it's getting real irritating. i would just feel so weird without it. it's like part of me. :D

i fucking hate sundays.

sitting here getting ready for bed, watching cribs with tyson ritter. dude is clearly insane. he NEEDS 2 MARRY ME! seriously. he is so super hot.


had a good weekend. friday hang out night til 230am. lots of mario cart wii. always fun. saturday was can't stop the serenity! soooooooo super fun. planning on doing this every year for sure. hope they play dr. horrible every year as well. that shit is AWESOOOOOOOOME.


went 2 a cookout today with friends, & for a hike in the woods where someone hung themselves a few days ago. pretty creepy. also sucked at darts, like usual. watched the hottie & the nottie cause the super hot guy from the waking up in vegas video was in it. <3


oh yea, i also found out that trevor moore from WKUK is engaged. that makes me ALMOST as sad as i was when i found out bill hader was married. :( ALMOST. lol.

ok, gotta get on my evaluation for work. blah.

p.s. i love bill hader. <3


bill hader. when are you gonna realize u wanna marry me??

ahahahahahahaha. *his reaction* :/

yup. that's right. my lame excuse for a journal entry. :D
yes, i am a weirdo. & a loser. :p and proud of it.


memorial day.

well, 2morrow is memorial day & the last day of vacation. extreme sadness. :(
did kind of a lot this last week. dells trip, apartment hunting, played bingo haha!, chillin with friends, movies, garage sale, brat fest, hiking...
went 2 see night at the museum 2. it was pretty good. BILL HADER was awesome!! i liked the movie way better than the first one, but he definitely made it. he was hilarious as custer. i still need that damn happy meal toy.
bought incredibad from the lonely island 2day. now i can watch space olympics every 5 seconds on my tv instead of my computer.
also dyed my hair black a couple days ago, hope peeps like it at work. i will probably never hear the end of it if it looks bad. it actually has a bluish tint in the sun, ummm. yea. i hope i don't get made fun of. but personally, i like it. it's a nice change & i really, for the most part, don't care what people think. :D
ok, that's about it. probably gonna turn on hot rod for the millionth time & try 2 get some sleep. don't wanna waste my last day of vacation sleeping all day. :D

p.s. a hot hader pic. :D :D (can't wait for this obsession 2 end...)


not much new. feel a little better since that last post lol. i'm excited because i get a week off work in 3 days! don't have much planned, a small dells trip. maybe some cleaning, & organizing. maybe my sis & i can check out some new apartments as well. :D
2day we helped my dad get ready for our yearly garage sale. i'm still looking around my room for some junk 2 sell, but i have a hard time getting rid of anything. i'm not a pack rat, i just love my stuff. :)
also found some hot new bill hader pics today thanks 2 hader-aid. love them.

gonna have 2 remember 2 check him out on best week ever friday. and snl saturday. :D

well, that's it for now. :D :D

yea, my life sucks.

grr, my life is so boring & sucks.
my job is getting on my nerves right now & things just suck in general.
i can't wait until this weekend 2 go shopping & sleep in. that will make me feel better! lol.
ok, i just haven't written a stupid journal yet, so theres one.
have a good day. :)